Saturday, February 26, 2005

Raw Images of the Day

Some cool raw images have been posted in today. Here are a few of the best:
  • Titan's Sub-Saturnian H. While this clear filter image shows mostly atmospheric features, but some surface features, like the prominent "H", can be discerned.
  • Large Crater on Hyperion. The image shows a large impact crater on Hyperion, ~100 km across [note: haven't quite measured this yet]. Could this be Bond-Lassell Dorsa? If a crater, would a 100 km wide crater on a world the size of Hyperion have a central peak?
  • Saturn as viewed from Titan. Obviously this image was taken from Cassini, not from Titan. But this image does give an idea of what Saturn would look like from Titan's surface. Saturn would only be viewable from Titan within methane windows in the spectrum. Secondly, unlike all those idealic images of Saturn from Titan showing the majestic rings, Saturn's rings would be edge-on and would not be seen but for a narrow line.


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