Friday, April 22, 2005

Names for Jovian Moons Discovered in 2002 and 2003

Don't often report on non-Cassini related news, but this is after all, a blog that is just Saturn-centric. Anyways, small discovered around Jupiter in 2002 and 2003 now have names to go with those small, faint dots. The IAU Working Group for Planetary Satellite Nomenclature (WGPSN), in an announcement published in IAU Circular #8502 and now on the discoverers' website on Jovian Satellites, have released these new names:

Jupiter XXXIX Hegemone = S/2003 J 8
Jupiter XL Mneme = S/2003 J 21
Jupiter XLI Aoede = S/2003 J 7
Jupiter XLII Thelxinoe = S/2003 J 22
Jupiter XLIII Arche = S/2002 J 1
Jupiter XLIV Kallichore = S/2003 J 11
Jupiter XLV Helike = S/2003 J 6
Jupiter XLVI Carpo = S/2003 J 20
Jupiter XLVII Eukelade = S/2003 J 1
Jupiter XLVIII Cyllene = S/2003 J 13

The website also contains a list of all currently known Jovian satellites, including those moons discovered in 2003 that do not yet have a name (likely due to insufficient knowledge of their orbits).

The links for each moon take you to their respective Wikipedia article. The standard fare really since not much is known about these tiny satellites, though the discussion of the Kozai Effect and Carpo is pretty interesting.


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