Sunday, May 01, 2005


The DISR team has released two new mosaics using images from low altitude, as opposed to the mosaics produced by Rene Pascal which use image from higher altitude, which have lower resolution, but higher areal coverage. The first mosaic, in stereographic projections, uses images from all three cameras on DISR and simulates a view from a fish-eye camera looking down. This mosaic clearly shows the "island" to the north and the large, very dark region to the south. The second mosaic, in gnomic projection, uses the lowest altitude MRI and HRI images and show the best coverage near the landing site (marked with a cross). Because Huygens started moving to the north and west in the last few kilometers of its descent and DISR's HRI doesn't look straight down, there is no high resolution image of the landing site from above. However, this mosaic shows nearby features like the gullies to the west (again assuming that north is up, which isn't guaranteed since there is no caption).


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