Tuesday, July 26, 2005

New Enceladus Image: Enceladus In False Color

CICLOPS has released this processed, lower resolution color image of the full disk of Enceladus, as seen during last Thursday's flyby. This image was taken from a distance of 112,100 km and has a resolution of 670 m/pixel. It is centered at 42 degrees South, 167 degrees West, showing mostly the southern anti-Saturnian hemisphere of Enceladus. This image shows the south polar region in all its glory. Unlike the cratered region in the northern part of the disk, the south polar region has very few craters that can be resolved at this resolution. Instead the area is covered in fractures of all sizes. The south polar region is even seperated from the surrounding terrain by a wavy boundary characterized by tectonic gashes and by "'Y-shaped' tectonic patterns that appear to engulf folded regions of ridges and troughs.

This is a false color view created using image taken in an ultraviolet filter centered at 338 nm, a green filter at 568 nm, and an infrared filter centered at 752 nm (most other false color views use one centered at 930 nm).


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