Friday, February 04, 2005


I've added a tagboard to the sidepanel of my blog. So feel free to post to your hearts content. I've seen a number of websites have one of these and I think it can be useful. just provides another means of discussion.

By the way, for those posting in the comments, if you can provide some means of identification in your posts, that would be great. I'm not asking for your name and number, but if you come from #space or the MER Forums, if you append your posts with your handle, that would be fine. People not currently signed up on always come up as anonymous and as it stands it makes it very difficult to know who made a comment without something. I don't think I should force people to sign up for to comment if they don't want to just to know who made a comment, so I feel this is a reasonable solution.

Also, I have decided to go with "Titan Today" as the permanent name for my blog. Thanks to those who provided feedback on this matter.


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