Saturday, February 12, 2005

Wonderful new Huygens-DISR mosaic by Rene Pascal

Rene Pascal, who has been doing a great job with the released Huygens, has done perhaps THE best Huygens mosaic released by an enthusiast (or even by the DISR team) to date. This mosaic shows the widest field of view, showing the entire bright island and the surrounding terrain. I am still trying to evaluate all that can be seen in this image including what it can say about where we landed. The first problem for me is size scale and perspective. How large is the large bright island seen in the image, for example? How wide is the dark channel to the chaotic island to the south? Once these issues are resolved I think we can use this to find out where Huygens landed. In the mean time, I encourage all of you to check out this mosaic.


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