Tuesday, March 01, 2005

EGU Abstracts Posted

Abstacts for the European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2005 have been posted online. The conference takes place April 24-29 in Vienna, Austria. The abstacts for this conference are not nearly as detailed as those for LPSC but some slight nuggets of info can be gleaned from them. Here are a few interesting ones
  • Sotin et al. describes geologic results from VIMS. They note a circular feature that may be an impact crater.
  • Schwingenschuh et al. describes "fluctuations of the electric field up to 10 kHz" from the Permittivity, Wave, and Altimetry experiment on HASI found below 140 km.
  • Teanby et al. describes work using CIRS to determin latitudinal variations in HCN in Titan's stratosphere. They find that abundances increase, indicative of downwelling in the north polar region.
  • Iess et al. describes estimates for Iapetus' mass. Their density for Iapetus based on the two recent encounters is 1.106 cm/m3
  • McCord et al. reports on composition variations on Titan using the VIMS instrument. Through the spectral windows available to them, McCord et al. has identified water ice as a surface component. In addition, they note differences in spectual properties at a very bright region centered around 26S, 118W (seen by ISS in the bottom half of this released image).
  • Rannou et al. describes their circulation and how it tackles the problem of the strong extinction inversion layer in the troposphere. They suggest "that ethane and methane form clouds on aerosols and produce an extinction inversion layer by a strong rainout process".
Thanks to remcook at the MER Forum for the heads up.


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