Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Planetary Society: Something Funny Is Going on at Iapetus and Enceladus

The Planetary Society has another article posted on their website covering last week's Lunar and Planetary Sciences Conference, this time covering Saturn's other satellites. The two moons that stole the show were Iapetus and Enceladus, though images from ISS of Enceladus were not presented. Certainly a good read, though I cover quite a bit of this information in my earlier "LPSC Initial Notes" post below. Oh well, you can always say you heard it here first ;)

Thanks to decepticon over at the Unmanned Spaceflight forum (fomerly the MER Forum) for the heads up.

Note to any members of the IAU who may be reading this: PLEASE slap a name on the equatorial ridge of Iapetus. If I hear "belly band" one more time...


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