Tuesday, May 03, 2005

June 2005 Issue of the Journal Icarus

The latest issue of the journal Icarus is now online for subscribers. Papers that are germane include:
  • "Spectrophotometry of the small satellites of Saturn and their relationship to Iapetus, Phoebe, and Hyperion" by B.J. Buratti, M.D. Hicks and A. Davies
  • "Titan's internal structure inferred from a coupled thermal-orbital model" by Gabriel Tobie et al.
  • "Carbon monoxide fluorescence from Titan's atmosphere" by M.A. L√≥pez-Valverde, E. Lellouch and A. Coustenis
  • "Impact cratering on Titan II. Global melt, escaping ejecta, and aqueous alteration of surface organics" by Natalia Artemieva and Jonathan I. Lunine
  • "Sea-surface wave growth under extraterrestrial atmospheres: Preliminary wind tunnel experiments with application to Mars and Titan" by Ralph D. Lorenz et al.
  • "An equal-area map projection for irregular objects" by M.G. Berthoud


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