Tuesday, June 21, 2005

New Cassini Image: Aligned Moons

CICLOPS has released this view of Dione and Enceladus as seen from Cassini on May 5, 2005, when Cassini was just a tenth of a degree above the ring plane. Visible on the right hand side of the image is the limb of the night side of Saturn (you can see the rings eclipsed by Saturn on the far side). Here you can see Dione's leading hemisphere, complete with ridges in the northern hemisphere (seen at higher resolution near the eastern limb in December), as well as a 350-km wide impact basin in the southern hemisphere (seen at higher resolution a few weeks ago).

And yes, Phil, I know the caption says, "as is a large impact basin (not seen in NASA Voyager spacecraft images) near the moon's south pole." Had I read you abstract from 2002 when this caption was being written last month, I would have put in a comment about it.


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