Tuesday, July 26, 2005

New Enceladus Image: Zooming in on Enceladus

CICLOPS has released this huge mosaic of the surface of Saturn's moon Enceladus. This mosaic was produced using 21 "footprints" of images taken during last week's encounter. Each footprint consists of images taken in a filter sensitive to ultraviolet light at 338 nanometers, a filter sensitive to infrared light at 930 nanometers, and either a filter sensitive to green light at 568 nanometers or a clear filter. This image contains much of the higher resolution images taken by Cassini during this encounter. The mosaic resolution is 134 meters/pixel, but it contains images that have original resolutions of up to 67 m/pixel.

In addition to the large mosaic, produced over the weekend by yours truly, is a fantastic movie zooming in on the mosaic, onto the highest resolution images taken during the UVIS occultation. The highest resolution images were taken below (in the large mosaic) the left most tiger stripe in a belt of tectonic grooves. You can see the location in the movie.


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