Friday, September 02, 2005

More New Titan Names

The IAU's Working Group for Planetary System Nomenclature (WGPSN) has approved 12 additional names for features on the surface of Titan. These include names for various albedo features on the surface of Titan, including the northern H region. Two additional types of features are included in this round of names, like Arcus (arc-shaped features) and large ringed features, ring-shaped albedo features that are currently thought to be craters. Some of the highlights in this round of naming include:
  • The feature previously nicknamed "Pelopennesos" is now known as Oahu Facula. This feature is similar to the other bright "islands" in Shangri-la, but appears to be connected by a narrow isthmus to Dilmun.
  • The bright, Arc-shaped bright feature, associated with a very bright spot at 5-microns, has been named Hotei Arcus.
  • The feature previously nicknamed "Manhattan" (because it is shaped like a big apple) is now known as Texel Facula. This feature is located at the far eastern end of Antilla Faculae in western Shangri-la.
  • The VIMS "snail", interpreted by the VIMS team as a possible volcano (or cat feces, depending on who you ask), is now Tortola Facula.
  • Several ring-shaped features have been named, including two in eastern Shangri-la near its boundary with Xanadu (Guabonito and Veles) and in north-central Tsegihi (Nath).
  • The northern H region is now named Fensal. A possible name now for the H region as a whole could then be "Fensal-Aztlan"
The USGS site now has a map with names.