Wednesday, September 07, 2005

T7 Coverage Map

CICLOPS has released the coverage map for today's flyby of Titan. Cassini ISS will examine the sub-Saturnian hemisphere of Titan, particularly around the Fensal-Aztlan region (formerly known as the "H"). The coverage for this encounter will primarily come from two mosaics. The first, MONITORNA001 outlined in green, is a 2 km/pixel mosaic over the entire visible disk. This is similar to other full-disk mosaics from Ta and T3. The second mosaic, COMBINED001 outlined in red and yellow, is a higher resolution mosaic consisting of many images near the center of the visible disk. Key targets for this mosaic include features within Fensal, Aztlan, Quivira, and northern Tsegihi regions, such as Bazaruto Facula (with its 80-km central crater), Omacatl Macula, and the debris deposit in northeast Aztlan that bisects Quivira.

A map showing RADAR SAR coverage is also available.


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