Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Blog Name

Last week, I restarted this blog with a fresh new name, The Titanese Times. Yuriwho in the comments page suggested some other possible names:

The Titan Times
Titan Today
The Tides of Titan
The Winds of Titan
Whispers from Titan
The View from Titan

Personally, I would like to wait until we get some additional feature names, other than Xanadu. For a more permanent name, I would like something like Hotei Chronicle, Xanadu Today, or the Nun Sun (okay maybe not that last one). However, one thing going for something like Titan Today is that if people are searching for info on Titan or Titan news, they wouldn't search for Xanadu or Titanese, but for Titan. A name like Titan Today or The Titan Times might be a good bet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, do you know how long it will be before additional feature names are bestowed?

I am thinking of the thread on the MER board several months ago (before T0, IIRC), where you asked about possible names taken from world mythology concerning mythical or underground seas and oceans. I recall that I suggested 'Abzu' from the Mesopotamian underground sea, home of various gods.

As far as your blog name goes, I like 'Titan Times' myself.

Bill (Mongo)

2/02/2005 08:31:00 PM  
Blogger yuriwho said...

Cool, I'm chill with the new name, although if I was to vote for one, I'd vote for the the tides.

You are correct though, the word titan needs to be there.

Thanks for writing such a great blog with so much content. You can call it anything you like ;-) It's the content that matters.



2/06/2005 04:28:00 AM  

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