Thursday, March 24, 2005

New Enceladus Image: Sliced-up Craters

This is the second of three anaglyphs released by CICLOPS today of Enceladus. This view shows numerous craters being heavily modifed by tectonic forces. The crater in the upper right in particular shows evidence of fracture in the upper few hundred meters of the crust revealing bright material below. The crater just above center right appear to be split in two by "Alan Wrench Chasma". Speaking of chasma, perhaps the most striking stereo features are the two sets of horst and graben terrain seen along the top (same sets of horst and graben seen near the bottom of a color image released last week) and just above center. Note the raised topography on the south side of the chasma near the top and the raised rims of some craters (like the one near bottom center).

BTW, these anaglyphs require red-blue 3D glasses to see the topography.


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