Wednesday, March 02, 2005

New Huygens Distant Panorama by Rene Pascal

Rene Pascal has posted a new panorama of Huygens images using the highest altitude usable side-looking images he could find. This new panorama really helps in filling in knowledge gaps in the geography of the Huygens landing site region, particularly to the south. Based on this mosaic, I have revised my own estimate of where Huygens landed (Larry, you were right, I was wrong, I should have known better, I'm sorry, though it is farther east than where you had it...). The mosaics seem to confirm that Huygens landed just south off the eastern tip of the large bright region centered around 10 South, 210 West.

One very interesting discovery in this mosaic are two roughly east-west, dark parallel lineaments on the other side of the bright island/peninsula from the landing site. Obviously it is a bit difficult to determine the nature of these from these images, but certainly tectonics would be the first guess. The bright features within the dark terrain seem to focused mostly around the margin of the terrain, maybe former bright terrain that has been been eroded back to the current "shoreline".


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