Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Raw Images of the Day

Every so often, I like to update readers on some of my favorite new raw images as they show up on the JPL raw images page. The images often show interesting features (which is why Enceladus rarely makes an appearance since albedo and topographic variations are so muted on the 10 km scale) or have nice compositions (multiples moons, etc). So without further ado:
BTW, for the latest raw images, use the "Search Images" link on the Raw images page, rather than the "Browse Latest 500 Raw Images" link. For some reason, the latter is several days behind the former, and the former shows images downlinked last night.

Correction: That is not Saturn in the background. I was kinda thrown off by the full on anti-Saturnian hemisphere view of Tethys.


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