Saturday, April 09, 2005

LPSC Notes Part 4

Even more...
  • Channels and Fan-like features Conclusions
    • SAR-bright channels, associated fan-like features, and flows suggest the presence of transported material w/ different radar properties than the surrounding materials
    • while surface roughness drives much of the reflected signal from terrestrial surfaces, Titan's observed volume backscattering implies that near-surface structure or compositional change could, to some extent, define surface features
    • Two possible explainations based on SAR and Radiometry data at these features
      • SAR-bright return is associated w/ a high component of volume backscattering possibly due to presence of low absorbing porous material (a mixture of low and high dielectic constant)
      • SAR-bright return results from a high component of volume backscattering derived from fluvially-transported and deposited hetereogenous materials (ice-rocks) of a size greater than the operational radar wavelength of 2.17 cm; here the SAR-bright linear features might be associated w/ fluvial (most likely hydrocarbon) channels and the fan-like features then be alluvial in nature
  • Impact craters from RADAR
    • crater identification hampered by volume scattering and other round features like calderas
    • 80-km wide crater in T3 swath
      • impact crater?
      • dark ejecta blanket - 150 km - impact melt?
      • parabolic bright deposit 260 km+
      • sharp rim crest
      • gullies on wall
      • flat floor, no central peak
      • two tone floor - aeolian?
      • strongly modified crater interior, but...
      • small scale features preserved outside crater in ejecta blanket - relatively young
      • relation to dark linear features in dark terrain?
      • nearby round features - old craters?
    • 440-km multi-ring basin
      • moat - crater lake?
      • wind streaks or wavecrests near south east rim
      • downslope fluvial features along eastern and south eastern rim
      • gullies in rim
      • hummocky central region

I guess that's it for these. I might post more next week. For now, I think that's enough ;)


Anonymous Natureboy said...

LPSC Notes are great!

4/10/2005 06:18:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger jiri said...

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