Friday, May 06, 2005

Cassini Significant Events for 04/28/05 - 05/04/05

JPL has posted online the significant events report for the last week. Highlights:
  • New reference trajectory released that includes the Enceladus-2, Tethys-1, and Hyperion-1 tweaks. Mostly an internal development.
  • OTM#24 was successfully completed last Thursday. This is one of only three burns between the Titan flyby last month and the Enceladus flyby on July 14. The next burn won't take place until July 8.
  • The first radio ring occultation of the Cassini mission took place this past Monday. This occultation ran from 9:30 pm that day till 3 am the next morning. Results from this occultation are expected next week, according to this report.
  • Cassini RPWS detected the radio burst from a coronal mass ejection that erupted on the sun on Monday. The particles from this blast are expected to reach Saturn and Cassini on May 23.


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