Monday, May 09, 2005

Huge Surface Coverage Mosaic of Titan

Rene Pascal has released a new huge mosaic using Huygens images. This mosaic combines his latest large coverage map composed primarily of MRI images with the side-looking imager mosaic he created previously. He states on his website that this mosaic likely represents the largest coverage map of Huygens images that can be produced. Personally, I liked his large coverage map better, compared to this "huge" coverage map, since the SLI images have seem to show scattered light from the atmosphere. One place where the SLI images seem to have their best effect is in the region north of the main island. This area has two dark streaks which might be akin to the "cat scratches" seen by RADAR.

On another note, the mosaics released by the DISR team last week have north up, though north may change by as much as 10-20 degrees. This may put us back to square one in trying to determine the location of the landing site by comparing DISR and ISS images. I agreed with Rene on where the landing site was, though I didn't buy the idea that the altitudes determined by the DISR team were off by more than 40%, but now we may need to find some place else.


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