Friday, August 19, 2005

T6 Coverage Plot

CICLOPS has released a coverage plot showing the regions that will be imaged by ISS during Monday's flyby of Titan. This is the same region that was covered during the last two Titan flybys in March and April. Since ISS doesn't have prime coverage on this flyby, there are no complex mosaics for this encounter because higher resolution images would be smeared by spacecraft motion during CIRS slews. ISS will be taking advantage of that by taking flat-field images (images that show no discernable surface features, but clearly show camera artifacts). The best images taken by Cassini during T6 will be of a newly named feature called Bazaruto Facula, a bright region thought to consist of icy ejecta from an 80-km crater at the center of the feature. The southernmost portions of the highest resolution images will show the bright region known as Quivira. The areas of larger coverage (2-5 km/pixel), cover much of the "H" (southern portion of the H now known as Aztlan) and northern Tsegihi.

See the T6 post below for more information on this encounter.


Anonymous jerry said...

Excellent choice of instrument and target priorities for this fly-by!-

8/19/2005 01:18:00 PM  

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