Thursday, August 25, 2005

T6 Released Images

CICLOPS has released two processed views of Titan's surface from images taken during Monday's T6 flyby. Not many useful surface images were taken during this encounter, but the above wide-angle image does show the surface as it looked on Monday. Shortly before, Cassini took at visible color view of Titan, showing Titan to be nothing but a bland ball of light orange.

The surface image shows the "H" region of Titan. The southern branch is now named Aztlan, after the Aztec homeland. Aztlan also includes the large, roughly circular region to the east with a bright "island" named Elba Facula in the middle. North of Aztlan is a couple of bright islands collectively known as Quivira. Finally, norh of Quivira, is a bright "island" with a dark spot in the middle (known to be an 80-km wide crater) known as Bazaruto Facula.


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