Monday, February 07, 2005

More on the Stereo Pairs

As posted here on Saturday, the DISR team has posted a few stereo pairs showing topography (or lack thereof) in the Huygens landing site region. I commented about a number of topographic features that seem to not be confirmed by others on the net, such as those who post on the #space IRC channel over at So I would like to further elaborate on the features I see in Stereo A and D pairs. I am convinced they are real since the plateau that is overlapped in both appears to me as a plateau in both pairs in the same shape, a plateau that slopes to the east (up in both pairs). This view is also supported by the channels that cross-cut this plateau which appear to run toward the delta near the top of stereoD.

I have made a few jpegs that show both stereo pairs and outline topographic highs in red. The blue outline represents further topographic highs on the plateaus.


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