Monday, April 11, 2005

VIMS images of Titan

Finally found some online images taken by VIMS of Titan. This comes from the public relations page for the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory (where I work). On their "What's New" page, they have a graphic showing various images taken by VIMS. Most of these have been released, like the global view, the Huygens landing site image (on the lower left, not lower right as the caption claims), haze view from T0 at lower middle, and the VIMS snail (the lower right framelet of the four Ta HIRES images in the upper right). Those not released so far elsewhere include the views of the snail in different filters and the "rabbit" feature, imaged during the Tb encounter and shown in the lower right (the left image is the raw view at 2 microns, the right view has been geometrically corrected).


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