Thursday, June 30, 2005

Cassini: One-Year in Photos Contest

The JPL Cassini site has a contest running asking viewers to select the best photo of the last year in Saturn orbit. They have a nice selection of images. Some are...more special than others :-D Some even have...special meaning to me. Now I wouldn't want to skew the results *cough*Titan Mosaic*cough*...sorry, I must have caught something. I wouldn't want to skew the results *cough*Encountering Iapetus*cough*, I'm really sorry about that. I'll take a cough drop.

Anyways, I wouldn't want to skew the results, but I really encourage you to vote. You all know how to vote, right? ;-)

I am shocked and dismayed by the lack of Enceladus images in the contest...


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