Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Today's CHARM telecon

The presentation for Today's CHARM telecon is now on-line. CHARM stands for "Cassini-Huygens Analysis and Results from the Mission" and is a monthly telecon for NASA Solar System Ambassadors and E/PO people. These presentations cover Cassini and Huygens results. This month's presentation covers the results from the mission from the last year and covers all the major science objectives: Titan, the other icy satellites, Saturn, the rings, and the magnetosphere. Be warned, this month's presentation is HUGE, with over 68 slides and is over 49 MB for the Powerpoint version (69 MB for the Acrobat version). There are some interesting items there, though to be honest, there isn't anything "new" in this presentation that you wouldn't already have known had you been paying attention to the specific topic discussed. So if you're like me and have paid no attention to Saturn or the magnetosphere, you might learn something.

On result from Enceladus that I hadn't remember hearing (or I have but not from an official source) is that the CDA instrument, the Dust analyzer on Cassini, detected an up-tick in dust particle hits around the time of close-approach with Enceladus, suggesting it is a source of dust in the system. Intriguing...


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